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Talent Concept

Only with Octagon. Intellectual satisfaction of the Sea

"The reason for a hundred Jianghai Valley of the King, under its goodness, is the king of the valley for a hundred." Only with Octagon, intellectual Carolina rivers, streams like the one thousand imported ocean, different backgrounds, different regions, different levels of talent in Sinmar hit the big stage, fusion, sublimation. We do global Albert, Centennial Guinness, is to absorb all kinds of eclectic talents, for every talent, we help wanted.

"Only with Octagon, intellectual satisfaction of the Sea", not only in our talent introduction, but also in the cultivation and use of our talents on. Performance is the sole criterion for testing personnel

Bu Wei best but applicable, Bu Wei qualifications except performance. We want to activate all kinds of talent potential, with the goal to motivate people, to use the results to test the talents, truly "capable, the levels were so, commonplace," is to ensure business continuity, the cornerstone of sustainable development.

Performance standards are not static. Yesterday's success does not mean that today's success, but can not predict future success.

Sinmar always provide a broad space for the development of a dynamic staff.

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